So finally we had some snow here in #yyj and predicatably people, a lot of them any way but certainly not everyone, sorta lost their minds. I had a friend tell me at 3pm that he wouldn't make it to the Royals game at 7pm because it's "nuts out here!" By 7pm, the worst was well behind us. And you missed a good game, lowest attendence I've …

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Fairfield and Other Victoria Neighborhoods Walking Tours

If you have ever walked along the Dallas Road waterfront, (honestly, if you live in Victoria, who hasn't?), you know how amazing it is everytime; always something different to see and yet no matter the weather you'll see some consistent themes like people with dogs, people running, kite boarders and kite flyers as well as marine traffic, …

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Unsavory Business Practices on the Mainland, read, Vancouver

Wow, on the surface of it when you see stories in #Vancouver Sun, #Globe and Mail, etc about some of this phenomenan known as “shadow flipping”, a few immediate things come to mind. There has always been charlatans, frauds, cheats and just generally not nice people operating as ‘Licencees' in the real estate industry. This h…

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