So finally we had some snow here in #yyj and predicatably people, a lot of them any way but certainly not everyone, sorta lost their minds. I had a friend tell me at 3pm that he wouldn't make it to the Royals game at 7pm because it's "nuts out here!" By 7pm, the worst was well behind us. And you missed a good game, lowest attendence I've ever seen, maybe 700 people there, made for a strange atmosphere in the ol' Barn on Blanshard.

Just reminds me of how out of touch we are with real winter here on our little Island paradise. As you can see, as I write this, it's melting away with all the rain we are getting and the now more seasonably normal temperatures. Can't help but think that all we really need is for everyone who didn't have actual winter tires to forget about driving for a day when it gets as bad as it was. Did you know in Quebec the law states that every vehicle must have full on winter tires after I believe November 1st? 

I'm sure the Pat Bay was a mess (as witnessed by the fact that there were about 10 cars abandoned on the road as I dropped of my son at BC Ferries today at noon) for people trying to get out that way and I can't imagine how horrible it must have been for the people headed to the West Shore. Yikes!

Hope you saw some enjoyment out of the winter wonderland we experienced. Now onto the flower count!




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