Unsavory Business Practices on the Mainland, read, Vancouver

Wow, on the surface of it when you see stories in #Vancouver Sun, #Globe and Mail, etc about some of this phenomenan known as “shadow flipping”, a few immediate things come to mind.

There has always been charlatans, frauds, cheats and just generally not nice people operating as ‘Licencees' in the real estate industry. This has never changed. There's too much money to be made and if you have a low ethical standard, are industrious and have the propensity to think that it's ok to rip off homeowners, you can get away with it for a while. But it's rare. Really rare. The vast majority of people working in Real Estate are really hard working and if they are not, they simply don't last. It's just way too expensive a vocation to hang around in, not creating a good income. You'll literally go broke if you don't create a data base of people who want your services and see true value in what you do.

Second thing I remark upon and this is a two part thing; a) this is by and large a Vancouver issue. We don't have the critical mass here in the Capital region to allow the conditions that give life to the shadow flip. We may one day however.

That's why you can never just say yes to the first person who asks you to sell your home. Ask around!, as the saying goes. Def get more than one opinion on the value of your home. Look carefully at the services you're being offered if you choose to sell and consider paying to get an appraisal yourself from a third party, independent of real estate professionals from a bona fide appraiser.